February 18, 2009

1.2 volt per octave input

Pictured is the 258v with the addition of a trimmed 1.2 volt/octave CV input (the grey banana jack on the left). I have decided to go with this system because it gives the trimmed CV in I want, but doesn't take away any other inputs or outputs. The fine tune control for the left most CV in, I believe only was useful when scaling that input for a keyboard.

I'm working on them, and still waiting on the Selco knobs...

February 6, 2009

Gentlemen, I give you the 258v

This is a clone of the Buchla 258 oscillator. Despite what some people might tell you, it is totally true to the original in sound and response. I made all the electronics fit between the panel controls on a single PCB, as opposed to wiring to it like the original. I replaced the obsolete heated transistor pair with a modern matched pair and a tempco. The CV inputs respond exactly the same as a 258c. This one has the CV input fine tune control on the left, but I will be doing them with a grey banana jack in place of that. It will be trimmed to 1.2v/octave, but the other CV inputs are unaltered. Now I just have to build the rest of these....