July 24, 2014

City Mouse Meets Country Mouse

What happens when the Good meets Evil? East meets West? Then meets Now? Can't we all just get along!?

I had an original Buchla 288 in my shop. I got it working and was able to introduce it to my 288v. A good time was had by all. It's a cool module and a very powerful piece, even if it is noisy.

Made From the Best Stuff On Earth

 Don Buchla split up with CBS as a distributor of his products after the 100 Series and in 1970 released the 200 Series Electric Music Box. What is really mind blowing about these first, black knobbed modules is the serious quality of their build. The lighted push buttons on the 246 sequencer have an incandescent lamp in them and are about $75 if you find them now. The pots are military grade CTS panel mounted beauties. C&K toggle switches, Switchcraft audio jacks and Johnson banana jacks were used in all of the original Buchla stuff, so it's easy to overlook them. The LEDs on a 246 sequencer are from the first batch of LEDs to EVER HIT THE MARKET. They are a gold can with a glass dome. If you want to replace these LEDs, you're looking at about $20 EACH!!

Each module came in its own chassis box with a Cinch-Jones pigtail. They were meticulously hand wired. The cabinet holds them down from the front, covering the module and manufacturer's name. They have a significant weight to them. It's crazy stuff and a far cry from the plastic junk that gets churned out these days. Long live the original! (24 volt power rails and all!)