August 8, 2009

Some audio demos

I have thrown together some quick examples of what the different functions of the Time Domain Processor sound like. There's no art here, it's just an ARP sequencer, 259, 281, 292 together with the delay unit. I think this thing takes simple stuff to the next level.


this is the simple sequence run through the module in delay mode. Since it has 8 delays happening at once, the sound can be very complex. I add a little feedback, just to make things interesting. Later in the clip I position the sliders so that the delays get louder as they go to the right, creating the reverse reverb type sound I mentioned in the last post.


In this clip, the module is in pitch mode. The sense is set to turn on with each note. When the envelope follower opens, it hard syncs a sawtooth oscillator that is sweeping the delay time. This sounds like a pitch shift. With feedback it sounds like rising or falling echos.


Here I send some sound in and then grab it in the loop mode. I retune the sample and sequence it. Basic loop stuff.


In this clip, I am using a sample loop (sound sampled from the 259) as an oscillator. It's patched through the 292 and sequenced on the sequencer.


Here I add some audio rate FM to the sample loop, to show how much it can be hurt.


VICMOD said...

cool stuff Mark...reminds me of a smoother sounding Serge Wilson Delay

Reed said...

Digital never sounded so good.

Unknown said...

Mighty nice! Can it be updated to use larger hunks of RAM?