August 6, 2009

Sometimes Experiments Work

I have been talking about digging into the 288 schematics and redesigning the digital section to eliminate the obsolete shift registers. It's an 8 stage voltage controlled digital delay, BTW.

Well, upon building up the prototype, I came to find that several of my original ideas didn't work as I hoped they would. After some rethinking and experimenting, I solved those digital problems. I now have a working version of the design. It makes some very interesting sounds, that I haven't heard before. It's cool sounding to have the short delays very quiet and them get louder as they get longer, it sounds like reverse reverb. Also, the looping stuff is out of this world. Woah. Now I just need to get my silk screening done.


Jason R. Butcher said...

Exciting news!

rick said...

nice work!

I got the 2 old ones working a couple months back.. have you called Don about this project? I bet he would be interested.

VICMOD said...
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Quad said...

Amazing! I would love to hear it


wavingpalms said...

Whoot! And update!

And it's a really really exciting update!