October 4, 2008

The 266 project

The Audities Foundation got whatever parts were left in Don's archives during the garage sale about 6 years ago. Included in that lot were 2 unused 266 Source Of Uncertainty panels. I built this one and am working on the other.

Obviously, this is a very popular module and every Buchla user wants to have one, but without any circuit boards nobody was jumping at it. A couple "kits" for this module went out the door at the same time. So I was fortunate to track down some scans of the circuit boards without any parts installed. Then came the long process of cloning them. This module has 3 PCBs inside. The motherboard (with all the panel components on it), A and B.

I know, I know. "They're not blue!" Well, I didn't feel that it was necessary to make the PCBs the same color as the originals. The second cry is, "But there are no orange banana jacks on MY 266!" True, the original release of the 266 used red banana jacks for both pulse input and pulse output jacks, but since Don changed to orange for pulse inputs in the late 70s and is still using that standard today I went with the new standard. It turned out that I made several errors in my cloning of the PCBs, leaving short traces between pins on ICs off. It's ended up working after a little stress and now lives happily between a 265 and a 266e. Long live the Source of Uncertainty.

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Unknown said...

Thats very cool! Congrats on (re)making the board from scratch! I assume it works well?

- Fred.